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Rooster, by Bepi Tay

The "Tay" signature on this rooster is that of Giuseppe Tagliarol, aka Bepi Tay (1915-1991). After having worked for a long time at the Cacciapuoti manufacture, in 1960 he inaugurated his own business in Monza, which soon became known for the excellent quality of his animal-style creations.
Dimensions: 24x25cm

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Gallo, di Bepi Tay

La firma "Tay" su questo gallo e' quella di Giuseppe Tagliarol, in arte Bepi Tay (1915-1991). Dopo aver lavorato a lungo presso la manifattura Cacciapuoti, nel 1960 inaugura a Monza un'attivita' propria, che si rende presto conosciuta per l'eccelente qualita' delle sue creazioni in stile animalier.
Dimensioni: 24x25 cm

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