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Rosenthal, crystal mugs

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Rosenthal, boccali in cristallo

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Two elegant crystal beer mugs from the prestigious German manufacture Rosenthal, produced in the 1960s. This line was called "Shou" due to the ideogram imprinted on the glass medallion, whose meaning is longevity, an appropriate wish for every toast !
They are in perfect conditions, without damages.
Height: 14cm

Due eleganti boccali da birra in cristallo della prestigiosa manifattura Tedesca Rosenthal, prodotti negli anni 1960. Questa linea era chiamata "Shou" per l'ideogramma impresso sul medaglione in vetro, il cui significato e' longevita', augurio appropriato per ogni brindisi !
Sono in perfette condizioni, senza rotture.
Altezza: 14 cm

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