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Saint Catherine, oil on canvas

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Santa Caterina, olio su tela

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Small painting representing Saint Catherine of Alexandria martyr, with a palm leaf in one hand. History tells us that Saint Catherine was martyred in 305, and is often represented with a palm leaf in one hand, as it represents the resurrection and immortality of martyrs.
Oil on canvas, probably from the second half of the 17th century.
The painting is in good conditions, with yellowing due to ageing.
Dimensions: canvas 7x9cm / frame 12x14cm

Piccolo dipinto che rappresenta Santa Caterina d’Alessandria martire, con la foglia di palma in una mano. La storia ci racconta che Santa Caterina fu fatta martire nel 305, ed e' spesso rappresentata con la foglia di palma in una mano, in quanto rappresenta la resurrezione e immortalita' dei martiri.
Olio su tela, probabilmente della seconda meta' del XVII secolo.
Il dipinto e' in buone condizioni, con ingiallimenti dovuti al tempo.
Dimensioni: tela 7x9 cm / cornice 12x14 cm

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