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Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie (1759-1849). Lithograph titled "Affaire d'Astorga en Gallice"; first half of the 19th century. A copy of this print is kept at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
The paper has been damaged by humidity and the front also has various defects.
Dimensions: paper 54.5x42 Cm / Print 44.5x34.5 Cm

Charles-Philibert de Lasteyrie (1759-1849). Litografia titolata "Affaire d'Astorga en Gallice"; prima meta' del XIX secolo. Una copia di questa stampa e' conservata alla Royal Academy of Arts di Londra.
La carta ha subito danni da umidita' ed anche il fronte presenta vari difetti.
Dimensioni: carta 54.5x42 Cm / Stampa 44.5x34.5 Cm

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