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Three Guerlain miniatures Shalimar, Chamade, Mitsouko

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Tre mignon Guerlain Shalimar, Chamade, Mitsouko

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Pack of 3 miniatures of Guerlain vintage French perfumes: Shalimar, Chamade, Mitsouko (3 x 2 ml). First version from 1973. The box is in good condition but it has some stains.
Dimensions of the box 155x100x30 mm

Confezione di 3 miniature di profumi Francesi vintage Guerlain: Shalimar, Chamade, Mitsouko (3 x 2 ml). Prima versione del 1973. La scatola e' in buone condizioni ma presenta qualche macchia.
Dimensioni della scatola 155x100x30 mm

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