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Sterle' Huit-Huit. 1/4 Fl. Oz. Vintage perfume

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Sterle' Huit-Huit. 1/4 Fl. Oz. Profumo vintage

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Sterle 'Huit-Huit perfume. 1/4 Fl. Oz.
Launched in 1956, this packaging belongs to the first series produced.
Some stains on the box, which is also missing the label, the bottle still has the original seal unbroken.
Box height 60 mm

Profumo Sterle' Huit-Huit. 1/4 Fl. Oz.
Lanciato nel 1956, questa confezione appartiene alle prime serie prodotte.
Macchie sulla confezione a cui manca l'etichetta, la bottiglia ha il sigillo originale intatto.
Altezza scatola 60 mm

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