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Art Nouveau sculpture in alabaster

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Scultura Art Nouveau in alabastro

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Alabaster statue with green polychromy, signed. In typical Art Nouveau style, this small sculpture represents a young woman in a seductive attitude. The dress has a green polychromy,
partially discolored. The statue is in good conditions, but the base has two small cracks and a small piece is missing. On the back of the base you can read the signature "Trafil e Sordelli".
Height: 42 cm

Statua in alabastro con policromia verde, firmata. In tipico stile Art Nouveau, questa piccola scultura rappresenta una giovane donna in atteggiamento seducente. Il vestito ha una policromia verde,
parzialmente scolorita. La statua e' in buone condizioni di conservazione, ma la base ha due piccole rotture e manca un piccolo pezzo. Sul retro della base si legge la firma "Trafil e Sordelli".
Altezza: 42 cm

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