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Deco enamelled cigarette case

Deco cigarette case with guilloche 'enamel lid, white with an elegant aquamarine green outline. With Sterling hallmarks, produced in Birmingham in 1911 by silversmith Adie Brothers.
Small dent in the green enamel near the hinge.
Dimensions: 65x85 mm / Weight: 88 Gr.

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Portasigarette smaltato, Deco

Portasigarette Deco con coperchio in smalto guilloche', bianco con un elegante contorno verde acquamarina. Con punzoni Sterling, prodotto a Birmingham nel 1911 dall'argentiere Adie Brothers.
Piccola ammaccatura allo smalto verde vicino alla cerniera.
Dimensioni: 65x85 mm /Peso: 88 Gr.

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