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1930's Cigarette case

Square cigarette case with applied decoration in gilded copper. Hallmarks 800 and "FS" in a rectangle. It is engraved on the inner side of the cover: "Lia e Enzo 30 III 1933".
In good condition, small dents and signs of aging, worn gilding. Closes well.
Dimensions: 78x75 mm / Weight 84 Gr.

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Porta sigarette degli anni '30

Porta sigarette quadrato con una decorazione applicata in rame dorato. Punzone 800 e punzone "FS" in riquadro. Incisione all'interno: "Lia e Enzo 30 III 1933".
In buone condizioni, piccole ammaccature e segni del tempo, doratura usurata. Chiude bene.
Dimensioni: 78x75 mm / Peso 84 Gr.

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