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Neapolitan thurible in silver, around 1840

Thurible in 834 silver. The Neapolitan silver hallmark was in use between 1832/72, but it does not have the cross that was used for sacred objects since 1839, therefore probably produced around 1830/40. Chains are missing and has dents and small holes
Height 27 Cm / Diameter 12 Cm - Weight: 368 Gr.

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Turibolo Napoletano in argento, 1840 circa

Turibolo in argento 834. Questo punzone dell'argento Napoletano era in uso fra il 1832/72, ma non ha la croce che fu usata per gli oggetti sacri dal 1839, quindi probabile produzione attorno al 1830/40. Mancano le catene e presenta ammaccature e piccoli fori
Altezza 27 Cm / Diametro 12 Cm - Peso: 368 Gr.

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