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Back to the Past

Zita was my mum. Her passion for antiques dates back to when she was a young lady. Born in 1921 in Milan, she spent the first years after the war running her father's bicycle factory. After selling the company and marrying, antiques hunting became her full time passion, and it lasted for more than 50 years.

While travelling throughout Europe and other parts of the world, Zita collected objects and furniture of every style and period. And our home and garage quickly filled over the years. She never had a shop, she often traded with other antique dealers, but ended up keeping many objects, furniture, paintings, etc.

When she found a new item similar to another she already had, that was the opportunity to start a new collection...of antique coin purses, cigarette boxes, miniature portraits, sculptures, glasses and more ! I spent many childhood afternoons following Zita in dark and dusty antique shops, being her eyes for hallmarks or damages on something she was bargaining for. It was only natural that the passion for antiques found its way into my soul.

Zita passed away in 2016 and I have recently come back to Italy after more than 20 years abroad. My passion for antiques is blossoming while rediscovering every little treasure Zita bought. 

This page is intended as a tribute to my mother's passion and dedication, to give the right importance to every single object in which she has seen something special, regardless of its value or origin.

Flip through the categories here below to visit every page dedicated to each little treasure. 

Zita and myself in 1965

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